Favelli Enterprises Announces Plans To Provide
Arts and Entertainment for the "Every World."

Led By San Diego Hip Hop Artist Don Favelli, Company Plans to Enhance Music & Art Experiences with XR/AR/VR, Joins VR/AR Association

SAN DIEGO, CA September 22, 2021 / -- Favelli Enterprises Inc., the art & entertainment company founded by San Diego hip hop artist Don Favelli, today announced its membership in the VR/AR Association, an international organization that supports stakeholders interested in the growth and use cases for extended reality ("XR"), virtual reality and augmented reality. President Don Favelli today outlined the company's commitment to exploring and embracing "XR" technologies through its divisions in music, art and ecommerce.

"Big changes are coming to our technological lives that will rival the changes introduced by the combination of smart phones and the Internet," said Don Favelli. "Not so long ago, no one imagined that everyone would have a networked computer in their pocket. A lot still needs to be imagined with XR technologies, but in the end it will be no less revolutionary."

"You see some push back on the idea of metaverses or the value of owning a digital asset such as an NFT," says Favelli. "But younger generations are already accustomed to meeting friends in virtual gaming worlds, and they don't think twice about the value of 'digital assets' in these environments."

Favelli Enterprises is keeping its eye on numerous technology trends in augmented reality, immersive virtual reality, holograms, enhanced spatial audio, 5G, smart glasses and headsets, digital asset exchange markets and blockchain. Favelli believes that the pandemic has accelerated the embrace of digital experiences across multiple industries, and emerging technologies are creating a tipping point for more widespread availability and usage.

"What we need now are players who are willing to envision and implement innovative experiences and expand on those that positively impact where and how we live, work, learn, travel and play. Favelli Enterprises is committed to being at the forefront of defining how we combine technologies from the real world and digital world to transform the experience of art and music for artists, designers, performers and their supporters."

  About Don Favelli.  Don Favelli is a San Diego, CA hip hop artist, songwriter and entrepreneur, with evocative, original lyrics. His latest album, Relationships Are Hard, was released Nov. 2020, and he expects to release new music in late 2021. Raised in Southern California, Don Favelli has lived over the last several years in Atlanta, Oakland and San Diego. Don Favelli is the CEO and founder of Favelli Enterprises, Inc.

  About Favelli Enterprises.  Favelli Enterprises Inc. (FE) is a pioneer provider of "Arts & Entertainment for the Every World", bringing music, art and entertainment to consumers at the crossroads of traditional industry channels, augmented reality and virtual reality. FE's entertainment properties include hip hop and songwriter artist Don Favelli, music publisher Favelli Music, and arts and merchandise store Favelli Home.

  About VRARA  The VR/AR Association (VRARA) is an international organization designed to foster collaboration between innovative companies and people in the VR and AR ecosystem that accelerates growth, fosters research and education, helps develop industry standards, connects member organizations and promotes the services of member companies.